1. 13 Oct, 2018 4 commits
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      tools/dav1d: unref input data after decoding loop · 67bab2ba
      Janne Grunau authored
      When breaking out of the decoding either through an error or reaching
      the limit of decoded frames the input buffer might not be fully consumed
      by the previous dav1d_decode() call. Fixes a memory leak discovered
      while testing with frame and tile threads with --limit.
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      decode: verify inter frame size restrictions · 13389e68
      Janne Grunau authored
      Fixes a heap buffer overflow in
      clusterfuzz-testcase-minimized-dav1d_fuzzer-5677513716531200. Credits to
    • Martin Storsjö's avatar
      checkasm: Don't use readtime for checkasm seed · 7d3cebc4
      Martin Storsjö authored
      On ARM, the readtime implementations are instructions that might
      not always be allowed at runtime (depending on whether the kernel
      has allowed user mode code to access the cycle counter registers).
      In order to allow building checkasm with the option for benchmarking,
      while still running on devices where benchmarking isn't possible,
      don't use readtime anywhere unless --bench has been specified.
      Use GetTickCount for the seed on windows, and gettimeofday on unix.
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