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    Segmentation map reference logic · 066b02c2
    boyuanxiao-argondesign authored
    The previous code raised an error if !segmentation.update_map but the
    reference frame didn't yield any segmentation data. (The first "goto
    error" that the patch removes happens if the reference frame was the
    right size but had no segmentation data; the second happens if the
    reference frame was the wrong size).
    This doesn't match the logic in the description of
    load_previous_segment_ids in section 6.8.2 of the spec.
    This patch allows such streams, allocating and zeroing cur_segmap in
    this case. It is still an error for a stream to signal a temporal
    update but not to have valid segmentation data from the ref frame -
    that's the error case that the patch puts back in.
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