Commit f17c5e08 authored by Janne Grunau's avatar Janne Grunau

check IntraBC displacement vector

Fixes a overlapping memcpy for
parent 57347c19
......@@ -1192,6 +1192,8 @@ static void decode_b(Dav1dTileContext *const t,
printf("Post-dmv[%d/%d,ref=%d/%d|%d/%d]: r=%d\n",
b->mv[0].y, b->mv[0].x, ref.y, ref.x,
mvlist[0][0].y, mvlist[0][0].x, ts->msac.rng);
if (b->mv[0].x >= 0 && b->mv[0].y >= 0)
b->mv[0] = ref;
read_vartx_tree(t, b, bs, bx4, by4);
// reconstruction
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