Commit a88fda77 authored by Paweł Wegner's avatar Paweł Wegner
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YouTube: updated descrambler.

parent 35401f4b
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ EitherError<std::string> descramble(const std::string& scrambled,
std::stringstream& stream) {
auto find_descrambler = [](std::stringstream& stream) {
auto player = stream.str();
const std::string descrambler_search = ".set(\"signature\",";
const std::string descrambler_search = "\"signature\":\"sig\";c=";
auto it = player.find(descrambler_search);
if (it == std::string::npos)
throw std::logic_error("can't find descrambler name");
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