Commit 03d30852 authored by npzacs's avatar npzacs
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crypto_aacs_verify_aacscc(): add AACS2 support

parent a5de7f32
......@@ -262,6 +262,11 @@ static const char *_aacs1_curve(void)
"(n #00"AACS_EC_n"#)";
static const char *_aacs2_curve(void)
return "(curve \"NIST P-256\")";
static gcry_error_t _aacs_sexp_key(gcry_sexp_t *p_sexp_key,
const uint8_t *q_x, const uint8_t *q_y,
const uint8_t *priv_key,
......@@ -269,11 +274,11 @@ static gcry_error_t _aacs_sexp_key(gcry_sexp_t *p_sexp_key,
size_t key_len)
gcry_mpi_t mpi_d = NULL;
unsigned char Q[41];
unsigned char Q[65];
char str_Q[sizeof(Q) * 2 + 1];
gcry_error_t err;
BD_ASSERT (key_len == 20);
BD_ASSERT (key_len == 20 || key_len == 32);
/* Assign MPI values for ECDSA parameters Q and d.
* Values are:
......@@ -364,7 +369,7 @@ static gcry_error_t _aacs_sexp_hash(gcry_sexp_t *p_sexp_data,
enum gcry_md_algos hash_type)
gcry_mpi_t mpi_md = NULL;
uint8_t md[20];
uint8_t md[32];
gcry_error_t err;
size_t hash_size;
......@@ -372,6 +377,9 @@ static gcry_error_t _aacs_sexp_hash(gcry_sexp_t *p_sexp_data,
case GCRY_MD_SHA1:
hash_size = 20;
case GCRY_MD_SHA256:
hash_size = 32;
BD_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE ("unsupported hash algorithm");
......@@ -540,6 +548,10 @@ static int _aacs_verify(const uint8_t *signature, enum gcry_md_algos hash_type,
curve = _aacs1_curve();
key_len = 20;
case GCRY_MD_SHA256:
curve = _aacs2_curve();
key_len = 32;
BD_ASSERT_UNREACHABLE ("invalid signature size");
return 0;
......@@ -586,8 +598,21 @@ int crypto_aacs_verify_aacscc(const uint8_t *signature, const uint8_t *data, ui
0xA4, 0x9F, 0x78, 0x00, 0xC7, 0x7D, 0xE9, 0x0C, 0xB3, 0x4C };
static const uint8_t aacs_cc_pubkey_y[] = { 0x00, 0x1D, 0xF3, 0x6B, 0x8F, 0x2E, 0xCF, 0x83, 0xCD, 0xEE,
0x43, 0x8F, 0x7F, 0xD1, 0xF4, 0x80, 0x6F, 0xD2, 0x0D, 0xE7 };
static const uint8_t aacs2_cc_pubkey_x[] = { 0xE7, 0x0D, 0x49, 0xD2, 0x6F, 0x45, 0xEA, 0xA7, 0x36, 0x93, 0x9D, 0x72, 0x88, 0x2E, 0xD8, 0xFB,
0xA1, 0x60, 0x70, 0x26, 0x96, 0x39, 0x49, 0x97, 0x04, 0x96, 0xC9, 0x10, 0xEA, 0x5C, 0x9D, 0xC2 };
static const uint8_t aacs2_cc_pubkey_y[] = { 0xD1, 0xF5, 0x89, 0x7C, 0xEC, 0xB8, 0x44, 0x01, 0x4E, 0x0F, 0xB0, 0x8C, 0xC7, 0x6E, 0x20, 0xE8,
0x54, 0x5E, 0xCC, 0x27, 0x1E, 0xE4, 0x6C, 0x4A, 0xEF, 0x81, 0xD9, 0x16, 0x9B, 0xF8, 0x41, 0x72 };
switch (data[0]) {
case 0x00: /* AACS 1 */
return !_aacs_verify(signature, GCRY_MD_SHA1, aacs_cc_pubkey_x, aacs_cc_pubkey_y, data, len);
case 0x10: /* AACS 2 */
return !_aacs_verify(signature, GCRY_MD_SHA256, aacs2_cc_pubkey_x, aacs2_cc_pubkey_y, data, len);
BD_DEBUG(DBG_AACS | DBG_CRIT, "Unknown content certificate type 0x%02x\n", data[0]);
return !_aacs_verify(signature, GCRY_MD_SHA1, aacs_cc_pubkey_x, aacs_cc_pubkey_y, data, len);
return 0;
static int crypto_aacs_verify_cert(const uint8_t *cert)
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