Commit ddaa013e authored by Marvin Scholz's avatar Marvin Scholz

qt: Remove macOS special case for icon

While it is still true that on macOS, the icon from the app bundle is
used, this is not true for our pseudo-bundle. And I do not think it's
worth a special case anymore.
parent 417e99fa
......@@ -556,13 +556,10 @@ static void *ThreadPlatform( void *obj, char *platform_name )
QSettings::UserScope, "vlc", "vlc-qt-interface" );
/* Icon setting, Mac uses icon from .icns */
#ifndef Q_OS_MAC
if( QDate::currentDate().dayOfYear() >= QT_XMAS_JOKE_DAY && var_InheritBool( p_intf, "qt-icon-change" ) )
app.setWindowIcon( QIcon::fromTheme( "vlc-xmas", QIcon( ":/logo/vlc128-xmas.png" ) ) );
app.setWindowIcon( QIcon::fromTheme( "vlc", QIcon( ":/logo/vlc256.png" ) ) );
/* Initialize the Dialog Provider and the Main Input Manager */
DialogsProvider::getInstance( p_intf );
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