Commit faeb4c19 authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

Thumbnail: Handle updating to an owned thumbnail

parent a6771022
......@@ -338,24 +338,26 @@ Thumbnail::updateOrReplace( MediaLibraryPtr ml,
* However, the old thumbnail might be a thumbnail that we own,
* and we need to ensure the file is gone from disk if its not used
* anymore.
* For now, we do not expect the new thumbnail to be owned as well,
* during analysis, we only update thumbnails when no thumbnails were
* found for a specific entity.
* Overriding the thumbnails at a later time is only expected from
* the application, in response to the user setting a thumbnail
* explicitely.
* To summarize, if we update a thumbnail we need to:
* - Remove the file on disk when it was owned
* - Update the MRL for this thumbnail, so all entities start using
* the new one
assert( newThumbnail->isOwned() == false );
if ( newThumbnail->id() != 0 )
if ( newThumbnail->id() != 0 || newThumbnail->isOwned() == true )
* However, if the new thumbnail is already inserted, we need
* If we need to update to another owned thumbnail, we simply
* update all linking records to point to the new thumbnail and
* let the old one be removed once its shared_counter reaches 0
if ( newThumbnail->id() == 0 )
if ( newThumbnail->insert() == 0 )
return nullptr;
* If the new thumbnail is already inserted, we need
* to update all linking records to point to this new thumbnail
* This won't break the Origin relation, since we just update
* the thumbnail_id. We will still be able to know why we are
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