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IMediaLibrary: Add documentation

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......@@ -430,11 +430,45 @@ public:
virtual InitializeResult initialize( IMediaLibraryCb* mlCallback ) = 0;
* @brief setVerbosity Sets the log level
* @param v The required log level
* This defaults to Error.
virtual void setVerbosity( LogLevel v ) = 0;
* @brief createLabel Create a label that can be assigned to various entities
* @param label The label name
* @return A label instance
* Creating 2 labels with the same name is considered an error and will
* throw a ConstraintUnique exception
virtual LabelPtr createLabel( const std::string& label ) = 0;
* @brief deleteLabel Delete a label from the database
* @param label An instance of the label to be deleted
* @return true if the label was deleted, false otherwise
virtual bool deleteLabel( LabelPtr label ) = 0;
* @brief media Fetch a media by its ID
* @param mediaId The ID of the media to fetch
* @return A media instance, or nullptr in case of error or if no media matched
virtual MediaPtr media( int64_t mediaId ) const = 0;
* @brief media Attempts to fetch a media by its MRL
* @param mrl The MRL of the media to fetch
* @return A media instance or nullptr in case of error or if no media matched
* This will attempt to fetch an external media with the given MRL first, and
* will then attempt to fetch an analyzed media.
* Even if the media is removable, the MRL must represent the absolute path
* to the media
virtual MediaPtr media( const std::string& mrl ) const = 0;
* @brief addExternalMedia Adds an external media to the list of known media
......@@ -946,10 +980,34 @@ public:
virtual bool isSubtitleExtensionSupported( const char* ext ) const = 0;
* @brief requestThumbnail Request an asynchronous thumbnail generation
* @param mediaId The media for which to generate a thumbnail
* @param sizeType A value representing the type of thumbnail size
* @param desiredWidth The desired width
* @param desiredHeight The desired height
* @param position A position in the range [0;1]
* @return true if the request has been scheduled
* When the thumbnail is generated, IMediaLibraryCb::onMediaThumbnailReady
* will be invoked from the thumbnailer thread.
* If this is invoked multiple time before the original request is processed,
* the later requests will be ignored, and no callback will be invoked before
* the first one has completed.
* The desired width or height might be 0 to automatically infer one from the
* other by respecting the source aspect ratio.
* If both sizes are provided, the resulting thumbnail will be cropped to
* abide by the source aspect ratio.
virtual bool requestThumbnail( int64_t mediaId, ThumbnailSizeType sizeType,
uint32_t desiredWidth, uint32_t desiredHeight,
float position ) = 0;
* @brief bookmark Returns the bookmark with the given ID
* @param bookmarkId The bookmark ID
* @return A bookmark instance, or nullptr if no bookmark has this ID
virtual BookmarkPtr bookmark( int64_t bookmarkId ) const = 0;
......@@ -964,6 +1022,12 @@ public:
virtual bool setExternalLibvlcInstance( libvlc_instance_t* inst ) = 0;
* @brief acquirePriorityAccess Acquires a priority context for the calling thread
* @return A PriorityAccess wrapper object.
* The returned object will release its priority context when it gets destroyed.
virtual PriorityAccess acquirePriorityAccess() = 0;
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