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CI: Use custom meson with asan tests as well

The asan tests seems to timeout a bit more often than the non asan one,
so let's hope we can find more potential deadlock this way
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......@@ -132,10 +132,12 @@ asan-ubsan:
- ./configure LDFLAGS="-lasan -lubsan" --prefix=$(pwd)/prefix --disable-qt --with-sanitizer=address,undefined --disable-medialibrary --disable-nls --enable-debug
- make install -j8
- export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:$(pwd)/prefix/lib/pkgconfig"
- cd ..
- meson -Db_sanitize=address,undefined build
- cd build && meson test --no-stdsplit
- meson compile fast_discover_cancel fast_teardown
- cd /tmp/ && git clone --single-branch --branch=display_stack_on_timeout --depth=1
- export PATH=/tmp/meson:$PATH
- -Db_sanitize=address,undefined build
- cd build && test --no-stdsplit
- compile fast_discover_cancel fast_teardown
- ./test/fast_teardown/fast_teardown $CI_PROJECT_DIR/test/samples/samples
- ./test/fast_discover_cancel/fast_discover_cancel $CI_PROJECT_DIR/test/samples/samples
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