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News: change separators to fix fastlane script

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iOS 3.1.4:
· We adapted VLC for the new iPad Pro by adjusting the App and bringing external screen support and FaceID to our iPad Pro users
· We brought the double tap to fullscreen feature to all devices, while still letting you double tap to jump back or forward on the sides of the screen
· Multiple files selection is now possible with iCloud Drive
· Fixed an issue where you couldn't log into the app if you killed it while setting a passcode
tvOS 3.0.3:
· Fixed black screen when playing back Audio files
· Fixed that list of chapters wasn't shown when the info pane was first opened
· Fixed a bug where all chapters show the name of the first chapter
......@@ -17,14 +17,14 @@ tvOS 3.0.3:
· Improved display of subtitles
iOS 3.1.3:
· Added Corsican language
· Fixed a crash when reordering files outside of folders
· The Media title is now always visible when streaming to an external display
· Various Stability improvements and bug fixes
iOS 3.1.2:
· Added an activity indicator for buffering
· The background setting to continue playback is ignored when external screens are used
· Sorting in folders gets saved correctly
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ iOS 3.1.2:
· Stability improvements for the H264 and H265 decoder and Chromecasting
iOS 3.1.1:
· Fixed the swiping Gestures to change brightness and Volume
· Chromecasting is not stopping anymore when locking the device
· Fixed Video not being displayed over an external Screen via HDMI
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