Commit c1f65567 authored by Hsiu-Ming Chang's avatar Hsiu-Ming Chang Committed by Carola

l10n: Chinese (Taiwan) update

Localizable.strings: 100% translated

InfoPlist.strings: 100% translated
Signed-off-by: Michał Trzebiatowski's avatarMichał Trzebiatowski <>
parent f6aaa021
"NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription" = "為了儲存影片,我們將會需要存取您的您的相機膠卷";
"NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription" = "為了儲存影片,我們將會需要存取您的您的相機膠卷";
"NSFaceIDUsageDescription" = "啟用以 Face ID 來解鎖 VLC";
B"STORE_DESCRIPTION" = "VLC for iOS是免費的VLC media player對iPad、iPhone與iPod touch的端口。\n它可直接播放您所有的電影、節目與音樂,大多格式都不需轉檔。\n它可同步檔案至Dropbox、GDrive、OneDrive、Box、iCloud Drive、iTunes,可透過WiFi分享直接下載,也可以自SMB、FTP、UPnP/DLNA媒體伺服器及網站串流。\nVLC提供先進的字幕支援,包含完整相容SSA、多軌音訊及播放速度控制。\n\nVLC for iOS完全免費且為開放源碼。";
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