Commit 7aab11af authored by Yaron Shahrabani's avatar Yaron Shahrabani Committed by Michał Trzebiatowski

l10n: Hebrew update

Localizable.strings: 100% translated

InfoPlist.strings: 100% translated

Settings.bundle: 100% translated
Signed-off-by: Michał Trzebiatowski's avatarMichał Trzebiatowski <>
parent d1b65928
......@@ -330,7 +330,6 @@
"ERROR_PLAYLIST_CREATION" = "יצירת רשימת הנגינה נכשלה";
"ERROR_PLAYLIST_TRACKS" = "קבלת הרצועות נכשלה";
"RENAME_PLACEHOLDER" = "כותרת חדשה";
"ERROR_RENAME_FAILED" = "שינוי השם נכשל";
"ERROR_EMPTY_NAME" = "הכותרת לא יכולה להישאר ריקה";
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