Commit 11efaeb7 authored by picodotdev's avatar picodotdev Committed by Soomin Lee

l10n: Spanish update

Localizable.strings: 100% translated

InfoPlist.strings: 100% translated

Settings.bundle: 100% translated
Signed-off-by: Soomin Lee's avatarSoomin Lee <>
parent aa018e2d
......@@ -90,12 +90,12 @@
"SETTINGS_MEDIA_LIBRARY_RESCAN" = "Forzar a VLC a volver a buscar en la librería de medios";
"SETTINGS_DECRAPIFY" = "Optimizar nombres de elementos para visualizar";
"SETTINGS_MEDIA_LIBRARY_VIDEO_GROUP_PREFIX_LENGTH" = "Detección de longitud de grupos de vídeo";
"SETTINGS_SHOW_THUMBNAILS" = "Show video thumbnails";
"SETTINGS_SHOW_ARTWORKS" = "Show audio artworks";
"SETTINGS_SHOW_THUMBNAILS" = "Mostrar previsualización de vídeos";
"SETTINGS_SHOW_ARTWORKS" = "Mostrar material artístico de audio";
"SETTINGS_FILE_SYNC" = "Sincronización de archivos";
"SETTINGS_WIFISHARING_IPv6" = "Soporte IPv6 para compartición de WiFi";
......@@ -290,8 +290,8 @@
"DELETE_ITEM_HINT" = "Presione %@ para eliminar"; /* Insert %@ where play-pause-glyph should be placed */
"DELETE_MESSAGE" = "Confirmar la eliminación de la selección";
"DELETE_MESSAGE_PLAYLIST" = "Are you sure to delete the selected playlist?\nAssociated media files won't be deleted.";
"DELETE_MESSAGE_PLAYLIST_CONTENT" = "Are you sure to remove the selected media from the playlist?\nThey won't be deleted from the disk.";
"DELETE_MESSAGE_PLAYLIST" = "¿Desea eliminar la lista de reproducción seleccionada?\nLos archivos de medio asociados no serán eliminados.";
"DELETE_MESSAGE_PLAYLIST_CONTENT" = "¿Desea eliminar el medio seleccionado de la lista de reproducción?\nNo serán eliminados del disco.";
"DELETE_TITLE" = "Eliimnar selección";
//Drag and Drop
......@@ -399,7 +399,7 @@
// Local Network
"SMBV1_WARN_TITLE" = "SMBv1 Connection Warning";
"SMBV1_WARN_DESCRIPTION" = "We detected an old protocol (SMBv1).\nAre you really sure to continue with SMBv1?\nWe advise upgrading or changing your server settings.";
"SMBV1_CONTINUE" = "Continue with SMBv1";
"SMBV1_WARN_TITLE" = "Advertencia de conexión SMBv1";
"SMBV1_WARN_DESCRIPTION" = "Hemos detectado un protocolo antiguo (SMBv1).\n¿Desea continuar con SMBv1?\nAconsejamos actualizar o cambiar sus preferencias de servidor.";
"SMBV1_CONTINUE" = "Continuar con SMBv1";
"SMBV1_NEXT_PROTOCOL" = "Intentar con SMBv2/v3";
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