1. 28 Mar, 2022 9 commits
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      remove windows pthread libs · 459f510a
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      lol · 869d06b1
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      lol2 · 4dfd6ce8
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      lol · ef72bf52
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      contrib: upnp: rename config options variable · 76360d5b
      Alaric Sénat authored
      Adding the `UPNP_` prefix just like the other variables will avoid
      potential namespaces conflicts.
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      contrib: upnp: unify `CONFIGURE_ARGS` · 49d4e276
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      contrib: bump libupnp to 1.14.11 · edff530c
      Alaric Sénat authored
      libupnp 1.6 is starting to get really old and caused bugs recently with
      the new winpthread rework for contribs.
      Added contrib patches:
        - revert-ifaddrs.patch (revert changes breaking android)
      Removed contrib patches:
        - 0001-Do-not-try[...]           -> Fixed upstream by 386b7ed7
        - dont_use_down_intf.patch       -> Fixed upstream by 1f2e3b88
        - fix_infinite_loop.patch        -> Fixed upstream by 4367cbfa
        - libpthread.patch               -> Fixed locally in rules.mak
        - missing_win32.patch            -> Fixed upstream by 02bb90c5
        - no-getifinfo.patch             -> Fixed upstream by 0296c3cd
        - pthread-w32-checks.patch       -> Fixed upstream by e0f44dd9
        - use-inet-pton.patch            -> Fixed upstream by 44cdeeb7
        - use-unicode.patch              -> Fixed upstream
        - windows-random.patch           -> Fixed upstream by 44e092a6
        - [...]-pthread-w32-checks.patch -> Fixed upstream by e0f44dd9
      Edited patches (mostly to fit the new sources):
        - miniserver.patch
        - upnp-no-debugfile.patch
        - libupnp-win32.patch (Partially fixed upstream)
        - libupnp-win64.patch (Partially fixed upstream by 421d5d28)
        - windows-version-inet.patch
        - libupnp-win32-exports.patch
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      upnp: prioritize `UpnpInit2()` over `UpnpInit()` · 6d666c41
      Alaric Sénat authored
      `UpnpInit` is deprecated since 1.8 and removed in 1.14. `UpnpInit2`
      offer a better replacement, working for both ipv6 and ipv4. There is no
      reason to keep using `UpnpInit` apart from keeping the module usable
      with 1.6.
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      upnp-wrapper: remove pointless `#if` guards · 7436317b
      Alaric Sénat authored
      These functions are inline and will be removed by the compiler anyway if
      unused. The #if guards add unecessary compexity.
  2. 27 Mar, 2022 22 commits
  3. 26 Mar, 2022 9 commits