1. 08 May, 2020 2 commits
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      contrib: use makefile instead of environment variable · 48df29ca
      Alexandre Janniaux authored
      MacOSX builds and iOS builds need fixups for the autoconf function
      lookup as functions might be available with newer SDK but not available
      with the target SDK currently supported, and autoconf doesn't detect
      that correctly. These fixups are made through environment variables
      declared in extras/package/macosx/env.build.sh. They are also needed
      both for contribs and VLC itself.
      As long as reconfiguration doesn't happen, it is possible to compile
      VLC using make without sourcing the script. However the contribs are
      not storing those exports and might fail during the middle of build
      if the sourcing has been forgotten.
      This patch allows building the contrib with make directly, without
      needing to call the build script again or redefine the correct
      environment variables before.
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