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      opengl: api: drain error in case of error · 0bc5a9d2
      Alexandre Janniaux authored
      Otherwise, the error might be detected afterwards in an unrelated part
      of the code, leading to potential failure or assertion depending on the
      compilation options.
      Indeed, an OpenGL call can lead to multiple errors and glGetError must
      be called in loop, as mentioned by the documentation.
      > To allow for distributed implementations, there may be several error
      > flags. If any single error flag has recorded an error, the value of
      > that flag is returned and that flag is reset to GL_NO_ERROR when
      > glGetError is called. If more than one flag has recorded an error,
      > glGetError returns and clears an arbitrary error flag value. Thus,
      > glGetError should always be called in a loop, until it returns
      > GL_NO_ERROR, if all error flags are to be reset.
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