Commit 3adc404b authored by Carola Nitz's avatar Carola Nitz

VLCLibraryViewController: The searchbar doesn't need to be set when we go backi (closes #247)

This led to the searchbar being visible on an iPhoneXafter navigating back out of a folder
without it being displayed prior.
parent 0e13b760
......@@ -1113,9 +1113,6 @@ static NSString *kUsingTableViewToShowData = @"UsingTableViewToShowData";
toolbarItems[2] = _createFolderBarButtonItem;
self.toolbarItems = toolbarItems;
[self setLibraryMode:_previousLibraryMode];
if (!self.isEditing) {
[self setSearchBar:YES resetContent:NO];
[self updateViewContents];
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