VLC media player Mac OS X PowerPC nightly builds

Remember to test the latest nightly build before reporting a bug (in one of the older nighly builds). Have fun!

Please report nightly builds breakage (meaning that there is no new build) on #videolan on .

Note: VLC requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later

It will not launch on older versions of Mac OS X.

vlc-ppc is the latest VLC snapshot of the unstable branch, compiled in 32 bit mode

vlc-stable-ppc is the latest VLC snapshot of the stable branch, compiled in 32 bit mode. At present, this is VLC's 1.2 series.

Note that we also offer VLCKit, an Objective-C framework to include VLC's functionality in your own applications. For energy saving reasons, no PowerPC-nightlies are provided at this time. It works great on PowerPC though and we regularily provide an Intel version of the framework for you to test.

VLC does not officially support the 64bit PowerPC platform. However, it should work. Feel free to share your experiences.

Looking for nightly builds for other OSes? or official releases?