VideoLAN goodies

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There has been many many versions of the VideoLAN cone:

Background images

Emmanuel Puig (alias Karibu) made these VideoLAN logos:

Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3
Image 1600x1200 (136 kb)
Image 1024x768 (85 kb)
Image 1600x1131 (106 kb)
Image 1024x724 (67 kb)
Image 1600x1200 (75 kb)
Image 1024x768 (47 kb)

Simon Latapie (alias Garf) made this VideoLAN logo:

Logo 4
Image 2872x2154 (379 kb)
Image 1600x1200 (99 kb)
Image 1024x768 (55 kb)

LILO bootscreen

Karibu also made a VideoLAN LILO bootscreen:

LILO bootscreen

Download the image and the instructions: lilo-videolan.tar.gz.

Copyright notice

You may freely use these VideoLAN logos using the following copyright:

Copyright (c) 1996-2003 VideoLAN. This logo or a modified version
may be used or modified by anyone to refer to the VideoLAN project
or any product developed by the VideoLAN team, but does not indicate
endorsement by the project.