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Work around my lack of lighttpd config skillz

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......@@ -72,15 +72,15 @@
bug tracking system. We use it to manage bugs and todo items for the various VideoLAN projects.</p>
<p>If you have a bug to report, or a feature to request, please follow the instructions at our <a href="">Bug reporting page</a></p>
<h2>Trac databases</h2>
<a href="vlc/"><img src="vlc_trac.png" alt="VLC"/></a>
<a href="jvlc/"><img src="jvlc_trac.png" alt="VLC Java bindings"/></a>
<a href="x264/"><img src="x264_trac.png" alt="x264"/></a>
<a href="libdvbpsi/"><img src="libdvbpsi_trac.png" alt="libdvbpsi"/></a>
<a href="web/"><img src="web_trac.png" alt="Websites - documentation"/></a>
<!--<a href="manager/"><img src="manager_trac.png" alt="VideoLAN Manager"/></a>-->
<a href="skin-designer/"><img src="skin-designer_trac.png" alt="Skin Designer"/></a><br />
<!--<a href="pkg-multimedia/"><img src="pkg-multimedia_trac.png" alt="Debian Multimedia Packages"/></a>-->
<a href="vlma/"><img src="vlma_trac.png" alt="VLMa"/></a><br /><br />
<a href="vlc/"><img src="trac_vlc.png" alt="VLC"/></a>
<a href="jvlc/"><img src="trac_jvlc.png" alt="VLC Java bindings"/></a>
<a href="x264/"><img src="trac_x264.png" alt="x264"/></a>
<a href="libdvbpsi/"><img src="trac_libdvbpsi.png" alt="libdvbpsi"/></a>
<a href="web/"><img src="trac_web.png" alt="Websites - documentation"/></a>
<!--<a href="manager/"><img src="trac_manager.png" alt="VideoLAN Manager"/></a>-->
<a href="skin-designer/"><img src="trac_skin-designer.png" alt="Skin Designer"/></a><br />
<!--<a href="pkg-multimedia/"><img src="trac_pkg-multimedia.png" alt="Debian Multimedia Packages"/></a>-->
<a href="vlma/"><img src="trac_vlma.png" alt="VLMa"/></a><br /><br />
</div> <!-- MAINCONTENT -->
</div> <!-- PAGECONTAINER -->
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