Commit e4481187 authored by Christoph Miebach's avatar Christoph Miebach

adding pt_BR to alternate langs, change bn to bn_IN

parent 2414fefe
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
$additional_js = array("/js/slimbox2.js");
$additional_css= array("/js/css/slimbox2.css");
$alternate_lang = array( "ast", "bn", "bs", "cs", "de", "es", "et", "fr", "gd", "gl", "gu", "hi", "he", "ja","km", "mr", "nb", "nl", "or", "pl", "pt", "ru", "sk", "th", "tr", "uk", "wa" );
$alternate_lang = array( "ast", "bn_IN", "bs", "cs", "de", "es", "et", "fr", "gd", "gl", "gu", "hi", "he", "ja","km", "mr", "nb", "nl", "or", "pl", "pt", "pt_BR", "ru", "sk", "th", "tr", "uk", "wa" );
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