Commit df3f9e2a authored by Ludovic Fauvet's avatar Ludovic Fauvet

vdd17: add limk to sponsors websites

parent 0666739b
...@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@ ...@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@
<div class="container"> <div class="container">
<div id="sponsors"> <div id="sponsors">
<h5>Sponsors</h5> <h5>Sponsors</h5>
<?php image( 'events/vdd17/sponsors/youtube_logo.svg' , 'Youtube', 'sponsors-logo'); ?> <a href=""><?php image( 'events/vdd17/sponsors/youtube_logo.svg' , 'Youtube', 'sponsors-logo'); ?></a>
<?php image( 'events/vdd17/sponsors/42_logo.svg' , '42', 'sponsors-logo'); ?> <a href=""><?php image( 'events/vdd17/sponsors/42_logo.svg' , '42', 'sponsors-logo'); ?></a>
</div> </div>
</div> </div>
</header> </header>
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