Commit c9750eff authored by Alexis de Lattre's avatar Alexis de Lattre

Uncommented a ligne concerning the images.

parent 83e89fee
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ $(LANG): %: $(foreach ext, $(EXT), $(DOC)-%.$(ext))
# Get the images from the /images/documentation directory
rm -rf images
# cp -R ../../images/documentation images
cp -R ../../images/documentation images
$(LANG:%=$(DOC)-%.xml): $(DOC).xml
xsltproc --stringparam lang $(shell echo $(basename $@) | sed -e 's/.*-//') ../common/multilanguage.xsl $^ | sed -e 's/id="$(DOC)"/id="$(basename $@)"/' > $@
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