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vdd19: update

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......@@ -204,9 +204,10 @@ $(function($){
<h4 class="event-time">09:30 - 18:30</h4>
<div class="event-description">
<h3>Community Bonding Day: Surprise!</h3>
<p>This year we'll do a <b>??????????</b>!<br/>
<p>Pokemon: <b>Codec Wars !</b><br/>
The VideoLAN organization will pay for whatever costs associated with the event.<br/>
<b>To be announced on 7th evening.</b></p>
Discover your team members in a fun game around Tokyo.<br/>
Please meet in the sponsored hotel lobby (<a href="">Villa Fontaine Nihombashi Hakozaki</a>) at 9:30am.
<div class="event">
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