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Update bitcoin address

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...@@ -145,10 +145,10 @@ require($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/include/header.php"); ...@@ -145,10 +145,10 @@ require($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/include/header.php");
<h3>Donate to VideoLAN using Bitcoins</h3> <h3>Donate to VideoLAN using Bitcoins</h3>
<a id="bitcoin"></a> <a id="bitcoin"></a>
<p>Use the following address: <b>13SUvejFvShyjA7FURHvqrnHr8HHUmr4HZ</b></p> <p>Use the following address: <b>1DST3gm6JthxhuoNKFqXrdpzPFfz1WgHpW</b></p>
<p>Or the QR-Code:</p> <p>Or the QR-Code:</p>
<div style="margin-left: 60px;"> <div style="margin-left: 60px;">
<a href="bitcoin:13SUvejFvShyjA7FURHvqrnHr8HHUmr4HZ"><img src="//" alt="Bitcoin QR-Code" /></a> <a href="bitcoin:1DST3gm6JthxhuoNKFqXrdpzPFfz1WgHpW"><img src="//" alt="Bitcoin QR-Code" /></a>
</div> </div>
</td> </td>
</tr> </tr>
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