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<h1 class="bigtitle"> VLC media player for <a href="">iOS</a> 3.2 and later</h1>
<h1 class="bigtitle"> VLC media player for iOS</h1>
<h2> Introduction </h2>
<p>VLC for iOS is a bit different from the classic VLC.</p>
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However, the interface works in a slightly different way, that is more suited to this OS.</p>
<h2> Devices and version </h2>
<p>So far, it works on the iPad, iPhone4 and 3GS only.</p>
<p>VLC for iOS requires an an iPad (any generation), an iPhone 3GS or a 3rd generation iPod touch running iOS 3.2 or later.</p>
<h2> Binaries </h2>
<p> You can find the binary here:</p>
<code><a href=""></a></code>
<p> We do not provide binary packages at this point.</p>
<h2> Source </h2>
<p> You can find the source here:</p>
<code><a href="">VLC-iOS-1.1.0-sources</a></code>
<code><a href="">MediaLibraryKit-1.1.0-sources</a></code>
<p> You can find the source here for the last release here:</p>
<code><a href="">VLC-iOS-1.1.0-sources</a></code><br />
<code><a href="">MediaLibraryKit-1.1.0-sources</a></code><br />
<code><a href="">MobileVLC-1.1.0-sources</a></code>
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