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<h3>External committers</h3>
<p>The <b>external commiters</b> are people from the community, who send patches.
There patches are then applied into the main repository, by other committers.<br />
They are more than <b>500 of them</b>, during the 10 years of the project duration.</p>
They are more than <b>500 of them</b>, during the first 10 years of the project.</p>
<p>The <b>download numbers</b> are always inaccurate, because many downloads are not counted:<br />
<ul class="bullets">
<li>Linux numbers, because users download directly on their distributions;</li>
<li>Unofficial mirrors, and direct FTP accesses;</li>
<li>Websites like <b></b>, <b>CNET</b>, <b>01Net</b> or <b>softopedia</b>.</li>
<li>Websites like <em style="font-style: italic;"></em>, <em style="font-style: italic;">CNET</em>, <em style="font-style: italic;">01Net</em> or <em style="font-style: italic;">softopedia</em>.</li>
<h3>Numbers before</h3>
<p>When we mainly used our own set of mirrors, we had counted <b>439 522 210</b> direct downloads.</p>
<p>When we mainly used our own set of mirrors, we had counted <b>440 million</b> direct downloads.</p>
<p>Those downloads were done between <em style="font-style: italic;">December 2004</em> and <em style="font-style: italic;">June 2010</em>
and did not include updates.</p>
......@@ -246,6 +246,9 @@ function vlcskins($img,$thumb, $skin){
the <a href="">Top Downloads, For all time of</a>.</p>
<p>The numbers are over <b>191 million</b>, but are including signatures and updates.<br />The actual numbers are thefore closer to <b>74 million</b>
direct downloads, over the last 7 and half months.</p>
<br />
<br />
<p>That would make the total at around <b>514 million</b> direct downloads.</p>
<p>As VLC is not phoning home when one uses it (for example, proprietary players like RealPlayer or DivX do), we cannot know exactly the exact userbase.</p>
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