Commit 3f762710 authored by Derk-Jan Hartman's avatar Derk-Jan Hartman

* Note about regioncodes and RPC1 vs. RPC2 drives.

parent 38ba2fae
......@@ -66,12 +66,19 @@ Does VLC support DVDs from all regions?
VLC uses <emphasis>libdvdcss</emphasis> to read all
DVDs, disregarding their zone. All regions are supported without any
constraint. It doesn't work 100% of the time and can take a long
while before it starts the DVD.
Well this mostly depends on your DVD drive. Testing it is usually
the quickest way to find out. The problem is that a lot of newer drives
are RPC2 drives these days. Some of these drives don't allow raw access
to the drive untill the drive firmware has done a regioncheck. VLC uses
<emphasis>libdvdcss</emphasis> and it needs raw access to the DVD drive
to crack the encryption key. So with these drives it is impossible to
circumvent the region protection. (This goes for all software. You will
need to flash your drives firmware, but sometimes there is no alternate
firmware available for your drive). On other RPC2 drives that DO allow raw
access, it might take VLC a <emphasis>long</emphasis> time to crack the key.
So just pop the disc in your drive and try it out, while you get a coffee.
RPC1 drives should 'always' work regardless of the regioncode.
<note><para><emphasis>libdvdcss</emphasis>is currently unable to work-around the regional codec setting on DVD drives used in newer Macintoshs. You are only able to play DVDs with the same region code as your drive is set to. That's a known issue and won't be fixed in the upcoming time.</para></note>
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