Commit 35be0823 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Goodies: remove protocol for src=

parent 3e0593c8
......@@ -826,7 +826,7 @@ endorsement by the project.</pre>
Get a hand on the famous and unique <a href="">VLC Chocolate</a> made in Italia ! (from 30€/25 bars)
<img width="250" height="250" src="" alt="VLC Chocolate">
<img width="250" height="250" src="//" alt="VLC Chocolate">
......@@ -841,7 +841,7 @@ endorsement by the project.</pre>
Stickers designed to customize your notebook, pc, workstation, server with a professional look and a fresh design, at <a href="">UnixStickers</a>
<img width="180" height="180" src="" alt="VLC Stickers">
<img width="180" height="180" src="//" alt="VLC Stickers">
<p>Another set of stickers is provided by <a href="">it2l</a> (shipping only to France)</p>
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