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* FAQ: "How can I take screenshots?": now use the snapshot hotkey

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......@@ -331,29 +331,23 @@ How can I take screenshots?
To take normal screen capture of the video displayed
by VLC:
To take a snapshot of the video displayed by VLC, you just need to press the pre-defined snapshot hotkey:
Under XFree, add the <command>-V x11</command>
option to the command line. You'll have to find a X11 screenshot utility somewhere.
Under Windows, add the <command>--nooverlay</command>
option to the command line and use Prt Sc button to put a screenshot on your pasteboard.
You can then paste this picture in a picture editor or a Word document or something.
<listitem><para>Windows / Linux / Unix:
On Mac OS X just press command-option-3.
<listitem><para>Mac OS X:
To change it, go to Preferences -> Interface -> Hotkeys settings, check Advanced options, and set <emphasis>Take video snapshot</emphasis>.
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