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Pareil mais avec un "_" remplaçé par un "-"

P.S. : l'ancien rép a été supprimé du CVS "à la mano" !
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all: clean html ps pdf rtf txt
/bin/cp ../common/magic-jpg.sgml ../common/magic.sgml
/bin/cp ../../images/plan-videolan-640.eps .
sgmltools -b html -s ../common/stylesheet-html.dsl videolan-howto.sgml
mv videolan-howto/*.html .
rmdir videolan-howto
ln -sf book1.html index.html
zip *.html *.jpg
/bin/cp ../common/magic-eps.sgml ../common/magic.sgml
/bin/cp ../../images/plan-videolan-640.eps .
sgmltools -b ps -s ../common/stylesheet-print.dsl videolan-howto.sgml
/bin/cp ../common/magic-jpg.sgml ../common/magic.sgml
/bin/cp ../../images/plan-videolan-640.jpg .
sgmltools -b pdf -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl videolan-howto.sgml
zip videolan-howto.pdf
/bin/cp ../common/magic-jpg.sgml ../common/magic.sgml
/bin/cp ../../images/plan-videolan-640.jpg .
sgmltools -b rtf -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl videolan-howto.sgml
zip videolan-howto.rtf *.jpg
sgmltools -b txt videolan-howto.sgml
rm -f *.zip *.html *.pdf *.ps
<chapter id="faq"><title id="tfaq">Frequently Asked Questions</title>
<qandaset><title>FAQ of the VideoLAN Streaming Solution</title>
<chapter id="overview"><title id="toverview">Overview [de quoi, au fait ?]</title>
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC '-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN'
<!ENTITY % magic-entities SYSTEM "../common/magic.sgml">
<!ENTITY intro SYSTEM "../common/intro.sgml">
<!ENTITY overview SYSTEM "overview.sgml">
<!ENTITY vls SYSTEM "vls.sgml">
<!ENTITY vlcs SYSTEM "vlcs.sgml">
<!ENTITY vod SYSTEM "vod.sgml">
<!ENTITY faq SYSTEM "faq.sgml">
<!ENTITY install-vls SYSTEM "../common/install-vls.sgml">
<!ENTITY uninstall-vls SYSTEM "../common/uninstall-vls.sgml">
<!ENTITY fdl SYSTEM "../common/fdl.sgml">
<title>VideoLAN HOWTO</title>
<surname>de Lattre</surname>
<year>2002, 2003</year>
<holder>the VideoLAN project</holder>
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or
any later version published by the Free Software Foundation ; with no
Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover
Texts. The text of the license can be found in the appendix
<xref linkend="gfdl" endterm="tgfdl">.</para>
<keyword>MPEG 1</keyword>
<keyword>MPEG 2</keyword>
<keyword>MPEG 4</keyword>
<para>This document describes how to use the complete VideoLAN streaminh
<chapter id="vlcs"><title id="tvlcs">The Mini VideoLAN Channel Server</title>
<chapter id="vls"><title id="tvls">The VideoLAN Server</title>
<sect1><title>Installing the VideoLAN Server</title>
<sect1><title>Uninstalling the VideoLAN Server</title>
<sect1><title>Using the VideoLAN Server</title>
<chapter id="vod"><title id="tvod">Video On Demand (VOD)</title>
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ pdf:
/bin/cp ../common/magic-jpg.sgml ../common/magic.sgml
/bin/cp ../../images/plan-videolan-640.jpg .
/bin/cp ../../images/plan-videolan-640.jpg .
sgmltools -b rtf -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl videolan-quickstart.sgml
zip videolan-quickstart.rtf *.jpg
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