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<span class="spacer-inline">About</span>
<p>The <a href="/videolan/">VideoLAN non-profit organisation</a> is happy to
invite you to the multimedia open-source event of the summer!</p>
invite you to the multimedia open-source event of the fall!</p>
<p>For its <b>eleventh edition</b>, people from the VideoLAN and open source multimedia communities will meet in <strong>Tokyo</strong>
to discuss and work on the future of the open-source multimedia community</p>
<p>This is a <strong>technical</strong> conference.</p>
<p>This is a <strong>technical</strong> conference, focused on low-level multimedia, like codecs and their implementations like <a href="">x264</a> or <a href="">dav1d</a>, frameworks like FFmpeg or Gstreamer or playback libraries like libVLC.</p>
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