Commit 126b918d authored by Eric Petit's avatar Eric Petit

Added x264

parent 6a227168
......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ plain lazy, you can download nightly development snapshots (source and binary).
<li><b>svn://</b>: library for DVD navigation, used by VLC. </li>
<li><b>svn://</b>: library for parsing Program Specific Information
from MPEG and DVB streams, used by VLC and VLS. </li>
<li><b>svn://</b>: library for H.264/AVC encoding, used by VLC. </li>
<li><b>svn://</b>: the website (no trunk or branches)
<li><b>svn://</b>: the developers website (no trunk or branches)
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