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Release libdvdread 6.0.1

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$title = "libdvdnav";
$title = "libdvdnav & libdvdread";
$lang = "en";
$new_design = true;
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<h1 class="bigtitle">libdvdnav</h1>
<h1 class="bigtitle">libdvdnav & libdvdread</h1>
<code>libdvdnav</code> is a library for developers of multimedia applications.
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<p>You can also access the code <a href="">online</a>.</p>
<h2>Get libdvdread</h2>
<p>The latest version of <code>libdvdread</code> is <b>6.0.0</b>.</p>
<p>The latest version of <code>libdvdread</code> is <b>6.0.1</b>.</p>
<p><code>libdvdread</code> is available through <a href="">Git</a> or by browsing the <a href="//">releases</a>.</p>
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|05 February 2019|libdvdread 6.0.1|VideoLAN is releasing a new minor version of libdvdread, numbered 6.0.1, fixing minor DVD issues. See <a href="/developers/libdvdnav.html">libdvdread page</a> for more info.
|12 January 2019|VLC reaches 3 billion downloads|VideoLAN is very happy to announce that VLC crossed the 3 billion downloads on our website: <a href="">VLC statistics</a>. <em>Please note that this number is under-estimating the number of downloads of VLC.</em>
|10 January 2019|VLC 3.0.6|VideoLAN is now publishing the VLC 3.0.6 release, which fixes an important regression that appeared on 3.0.5 for DVD subtitles. It also adds support for HDR in AV1.
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