How to contribute to VideoLAN

Contribute time

If you have time and programming skills, you can help us develop the software. Read the developer documentations, subscribe to the mailing-lists, have a look at the bug-tracking system, join the IRC channel and start to code! Send your code to the developer mailing-lists under the form of patches for the current CVS. If you often make good contributions, the VideoLAN team will give you a CVS write account.

If you have time but no programming skills, you can help with the documentation, the translation of the VLC interface and the VideoLAN documentation, the packaging, the tests before the releases, answer the questions in the user mailing-lists if you can, etc...

Contribute materials

Your particular DVD does not work with VLC or VLS? VLC does not like your VCD or SVCD? You have a satellite card or an MPEG encoding card that is not supported by VideoLAN?

You can donate it to the developers at the École Centrale and it may motivate them to work on your suggestion! In any case, you do not have any warranty that your wish will be taken into account.

If you want to donate materials, please write to so that we can tell you if we are interested and give you our snail-mail address.

Donate money

What is the legal structure of VideoLAN?

VideoLAN is a project of the association Centrale Réseaux, which is a French non-profit organisation based at the École Centrale Paris. VideoLAN has its own bank account and is responsible of its finance in front of the board of Centrale Réseaux.

What are the financial needs of VideoLAN?

Who funds VideoLAN?

Donate to VideoLAN via PayPal

You can donate money to the project through VideoLAN's PayPal account. The money collected is regularly transferred to VideoLAN's bank account. There is no minimal amount for your donation.

If you click on one of the buttons below, you will be taken the secure PayPal Web site. Enter the amount of the donation you want to make.

US Dollars Euros

If you encounter problems or if you have questions, you can write to VideoLAN's Treasurer, Julien Leproust (

Remember VideoLAN is free software...

VideoLAN software is released under the GNU General Public Licence, and can be used and distributed freely, according to the terms of this licence. There is absolutely no requirement to donate money (this is not shareware software). But if you want to help us move faster, we welcome donations.