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      * doc/vls-user-guide/*: Added a complete german translation and fixed several... · a170df21
      Felix Paul Kühne authored
      * doc/vls-user-guide/*: Added a complete german translation and fixed several xml-markup-mistakes of the french translation. Added also various string-localizations, since there are sometimes the same words in english and french, but are not in german. No update of the french translation is necessary. I'll update doc/index.html if I'm sure that these files run fine.
      * doc/common/*: Corrected some german strings
      * doc/videolan-howto/install.xml: Ditto
      * doc/AUTHORS: Hopefully fixed wrong view of Mariano Garcias work and updated myself
  8. 20 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      * doc/videolan-howto/videolan-howto.xml : Switch to GPL · 4a0ad25d
      Clément Stenac authored
      * doc/vls-user-guide/vls-user-guide.xml : Switch to GPL + Typos
      * doc/faq/videolan-faq.xml:
      	- Switch to GPL
      	- Added french et german translation for 2.1
      * doc/common/intro.xml: Removed references to the VideoLAN quickstart
      * doc/index.html : Removed the VideoLAN quickstart
      * .htaccess : Redirect the VideoLAN quickstart
      * news.msg: Added something about the doc
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      · 7fd40e62
      Alexis de Lattre authored
      vlc-sap.xml : we now explain how do to the SAP announces with VLC in the quickstart (Zorglub, is there a way to use a simple command line for this, instead of the complex stream output syntax.
      usesout.xml : many examples of the advanced possibilities of VLC's stream output.
      The rest : minor changes.
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  12. 09 Jun, 2003 2 commits
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      Kludge pour que ça marche sur une Woody. Je recompilerais ptet un jade de sid... · c6eb88c0
      Alexis de Lattre authored
      Kludge pour que ça marche sur une Woody. Je recompilerais ptet un jade de sid quand j'aurais le temps, pour éviter ce kludge.
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      * Move from Docbook SGML to Docbook XML · fbe3a238
      Alexis de Lattre authored
      * FAQ is now in English and Spanish. The two languages are in the same
      XML file. Xsltproc can extract one language to produce a Docbook XML
      file (with doc/common/multilanguage.xsl), than can then be compiled by
      * Converted VLS user guide from LinuxDoc to Docbook XML.
      * Updated the web site for those changes.
      TODO :
      - re-read VLS user guide : layout and language.
      - do a better Makefile for the faq.
      - translate the FAQ in French ?
      - start to build the infrastructure to have the other docs in multilanguage ?