Commit d78dfef3 authored by Alexis de Lattre's avatar Alexis de Lattre

- New diagram.

- Update on aminocom STB.
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......@@ -109,12 +109,14 @@ extension.</para></listitem>
<sect1><title>Receive a stream with a Set Top Box</title>
<para>Some <ulink url="">Pace</ulink> and <ulink
url="">Aminocom</ulink> set top boxes have
Ethernet cards and can read MPEG2-TS over UDP streams. We had some
reports that they work with the VideoLAN streamers.</para>
<sect1><title>Receive a stream with a set-top-box</title>
<para>Some set-top-boxes with Ethernet cards can receive MPEG2-TS
streams over UDP and support multicast. This is the case of
the <ulink url="">Pace</ulink> and <ulink
url="">Aminocom</ulink> set top boxes. We have
tested the <emphasis>AmiNET 100</emphasis> set-top-box from Aminocom:
it is nice and small, and it works very well with VideoLAN.</para>
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