Commit c5037d70 authored by Alexis de Lattre's avatar Alexis de Lattre

install-vls.sgml : no "./configure" for libdvb.

new.msg : announce of the new VideoLAN HOWTO !
parent 6b07f2c5
......@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@ sources download page</ulink>.
For each library, uncompress, configure, compile and install :
<para>For each library, uncompress, configure (unless
for <emphasis>libdvb</emphasis> which doesn't have a
<emphasis>./configure</emphasis>), compile and install :</para>
......@@ -4,6 +4,13 @@
# Et pour les nouvelles importantes, c'est pas un | , c'est un §
|26 Apr 2003| New VideoLAN HOWTO | The new VideoLAN HOWTO is now
complete and up-to-date. The chapter about the channel information
service now explains how to do SAP/SDP announces with the new <a
href="/streaming/download-sap-server.html">mini-SAP-server</a>. See the
<a href="/doc/">documentation page</a> and report any problem to the
<a href="/support/lists.html">user mailing-lists</a>.
|8 Apr 2003| Release: VLC 0.5.3 | This new release features
the first steps towards skinable interfaces (only on Windows, not yet on
Mac OS X or *nix). Support for playing directories and video4linux are
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