Commit c22c0fa8 authored by Christoph Miebach's avatar Christoph Miebach

no translations yet for vlmc

parent 3e04af4e
......@@ -2,13 +2,12 @@
$title = _("VLMC, open source video editor");
$new_design = true;
$additional_js = array("/js/slimbox2.js", "/js/slick-init.js", "/js/slick.min.js");
$additional_css = array("/js/css/slimbox2.css", "/style/slick.min.css");
function vlmcscreenshot($img, $thumb, $desc) {
echo"<div class='screenshot-4-3-responsive screenshot-small'><a href='$img' rel='lightbox-vlc'><img
src='//$thumb' alt='VLMC - $desc' /></a>
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