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Beginning of the transcode module (mostly ffmpeg stuff)

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......@@ -593,6 +593,90 @@ options, when they share the same setting.</para>
<para>You can use this module to transcode a stream, ie to change its
codecs or the encoding bitrates. Some additional processing can be done
during this process, such as rescaling, deinterlacement, resampling,
<note><para>Depending on the bitrate of the original stream and of
the options chosen, transcoding can be a very CPU intensive task. As
a consequence, streaming of a real time transcoded stream can lead to
dropped frames or a jerky image and sound in some cases, when running
out of ressources.</para></note>
<para>Available options are:</para>
<para>This options allows to specify the codec the video tracks of the
input stream should be transcoded to.</para>
<para>List of available codecs can be found on the
<ulink url="/streaming/features.html">streaming features page</ulink>.</para>
<para>This option allows to set the bitrate of the transcoded video
stream, in kbit/s</para>
<para>This allows to set the encoder to use to encode the videos stream. Available options are:</para>
<listitem><para><emphasis>ffmpeg</emphasis>: this is the libavcodec encoding
module. It handles a large variety of different codecs (the list can be
found on the <ulink url="/streaming/features.html">streaming features
<para>Item options are: <emphasis>keyint=&lt;number of
frames&gt;</emphasis> allows to set the maximal amount of frames
between 2 key frames, <emphasis>hurry-up</emphasis> allows the
encoder to decrease the quality of the stream if the CPU can't keep
up with the encoding rate, <emphasis>interlace</emphasis> allows
to improve the quality of the encoding of interlaced streams,
<emphasis>noise-reduction=&lt;noise reduction factor&gt;</emphasis>
enables a noise reduction algorithm (will decrease required bitrate at
the cost of details in the image), <emphasis>vt=&lt;bitrate tolerance
in kbit/s&gt;</emphasis> allows to set a tolerance for the bitrate of
the outputed video stream, <emphasis>bframes=&lt;amount of frames&gt;
</emphasis> allows to set the amount of B frames between 2 key frames,
<emphasis>qmin=&lt;quantizer&gt;</emphasis> allows to set the minimum
quantizer scale, <emphasis>qmax=&lt;quantizer&gt;</emphasis> allows
to set the maximum quantizer scale, <emphasis>qscale=&lt;quantizer
scale&gt;</emphasis> allows to specify a fixed quantizer scale
for VBR encidings, <emphasis>i-quant-factor=&lt;quantization
factor&gt;</emphasis> allows to set the quantization factor of I
frames, compared to P frames, <emphasis>hq=&lt;quality&gt;</emphasis>
allows to choose the quality level fot the encoding of the motion
vectors (arguments are simple, rd or bits, default is simple
*FIXME*), <emphasis>strict=&lt;level of compliance&gt;</emphasis>
allows to force a stricter standard compliance (possible values are
-1, 0 and 1, default is 0), <emphasis>strict-rc</emphasis> enables
a stricterate control algorithm, <emphasis>rc-buffer-size=&lt;size
of the buffer in bits&gt;</emphasis> allows to choose the size of
the buffer used for rate control (bigger means more efficien rate
control), <emphasis>rc-buffer-aggressivity=&lt;float representing the
aggressiveness&gt;</emphasis> allows to set the rate control buffer
aggressiveness *FIXME*, <emphasis>pre-me</emphasis> allows to enable pre
motion estimation, <emphasis>mpeg4-matrix</emphasis> enable use of the
MPEG4 quantization matrix with MPEG2 streams, improving quality while
keeping compatibility with MPEG2 decoders, <emphasis>trellis</emphasis>
enables trelli quantization (better quality, but slower
<para>This module can be used to duplicate the stream, and so process it
......@@ -600,6 +684,7 @@ through several different chains.</para>
<para>Available options are:</para>
<para>This options allows to give the chain through which the duplicated stream should be processed.</para>
......@@ -628,7 +713,7 @@ Available parameters are:
<listitem><para><emphasis>program=</emphasis>: duplicate only
<emphasis>elementary streams</emphasis> belonging to the
selected program (or PID). This option only works with MPEG2/TS
selected program (or SID). This option only works with MPEG2/TS
<listitem><para><emphasis>noprogram=</emphasis>: do not duplicate
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