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......@@ -59,9 +59,10 @@ able to cross 11 routers).</para>
<sect1><title>Stream with VLS</title>
<note><para>When you compile VLS, you must add <command>--enable-v4l
--with-ffmpeg=PATH</command> to <command>./configure</command> to use
this feature.</para></note>
<note><para>When you compile VLS, you must do a <command>./configure
--enable-v4l --with-ffmpeg=PATH</command> (where
<emphasis>PATH</emphasis> si the absolute path to the directory where
you compiled ffmpeg, and not the relative path !).</para></note>
<para>There is no command line interface for this input for the
moment... so you will have to use the configuration file.</para>
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