Commit a10b4829 authored by Christoph Miebach's avatar Christoph Miebach

l10n: Initial West Frisian (fy) translation

parent 7fe480ba
# West Frisian translation
# Copyright (C) 2016 VideoLAN
# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
# Translators:
# Fjoerfoks <>, 2016
# Robin van der Vliet <>, 2014
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: VLC - Trans\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-12-03 06:41-0500\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-08-31 07:05+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Fjoerfoks <>\n"
"Language-Team: Western Frisian (\n"
"Language: fy\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
#: include/header.php:292
msgid "a project and a"
msgstr "in projekt en in"
#: include/header.php:292
msgid "non-profit organization"
msgstr "non-profitorganisaasje"
#: include/header.php:301 include/footer.php:80
msgid "Partners"
msgstr "Partners"
#: include/menus.php:32
msgid "Team &amp; Organization"
msgstr "Team &amp; Organisaasje"
#: include/menus.php:33
msgid "Consulting Services &amp; Partners"
msgstr "Consulting Services &amp; Partners"
#: include/menus.php:34 include/footer.php:83
msgid "Events"
msgstr "Eveneminten"
#: include/menus.php:35 include/footer.php:78 include/footer.php:112
msgid "Legal"
msgstr "Juridysk"
#: include/menus.php:36 include/footer.php:82
msgid "Press center"
msgstr "Parsesintrum"
#: include/menus.php:37 include/footer.php:79
msgid "Contact us"
msgstr "Kontakt"
#: include/menus.php:43 include/os-specific.php:261
msgid "Download"
msgstr "Download"
#: include/menus.php:44 include/footer.php:38
msgid "Features"
msgstr "Funksjes"
#: include/menus.php:45 vlc/index.php:57 vlc/index.php:63
msgid "Customize"
msgstr "Oanpasse"
#: include/menus.php:47 include/footer.php:70
msgid "Get Goodies"
msgstr "Krij guod"
#: include/menus.php:51
msgid "Projects"
msgstr "Projekten"
#: include/menus.php:69 include/footer.php:44
msgid "All Projects"
msgstr "Alle projekten"
#: include/menus.php:73 index.php:165
msgid "Contribute"
msgstr "Bydrage"
#: include/menus.php:75
msgid "Getting started"
msgstr "Starte"
#: include/menus.php:76 include/menus.php:94
msgid "Donate"
msgstr "Donearje"
#: include/menus.php:77
msgid "Report a bug"
msgstr "In bug rapportearje"
#: include/menus.php:81
msgid "Support"
msgstr "Stipe"
#: include/footer.php:36
msgid "Skins"
msgstr "Tema's"
#: include/footer.php:37
msgid "Extensions"
msgstr "Utwreidingen"
#: include/footer.php:39 vlc/index.php:83
msgid "Screenshots"
msgstr "Skermôfdrukken"
#: include/footer.php:62
msgid "Community"
msgstr "Mienskip"
#: include/footer.php:65
msgid "Forums"
msgstr "Foarums"
#: include/footer.php:66
msgid "Mailing-Lists"
msgstr "Mailinglisten"
#: include/footer.php:67
msgid "FAQ"
msgstr "FAQ"
#: include/footer.php:68
msgid "Donate money"
msgstr "Jild donearje"
#: include/footer.php:69
msgid "Donate time"
msgstr "Tiid donearje"
#: include/footer.php:76
msgid "Project and Organization"
msgstr "Projekt en organisaasje"
#: include/footer.php:77
msgid "Team"
msgstr "Team"
#: include/footer.php:81
msgid "Mirrors"
msgstr "Mirrors"
#: include/footer.php:84
msgid "Security center"
msgstr "Feilichheidssintrum"
#: include/footer.php:85
msgid "Get Involved"
msgstr "Doch mei"
#: include/footer.php:86
msgid "News"
msgstr "Nijs"
#: include/os-specific.php:91
msgid "Download VLC"
msgstr "Download VLC"
#: include/os-specific.php:97 include/os-specific.php:277 vlc/index.php:168
msgid "Other Systems"
msgstr "Oare systemen"
#: include/os-specific.php:242
msgid "downloads so far"
msgstr "downloads oant no"
#: include/os-specific.php:630
msgid "VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols."
msgstr "VLC is in fergees en iepen boarne cross-platfoarm multimediaspiler en -framework dat de measte multimediabestannen en ek dvd's, audio-cd's, vcd's en ferskate streaming-protokollen ôfspilet."
#: include/os-specific.php:634
msgid "VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols."
msgstr "VLC is in fergees en iepen boarne cross-platfoarm multimediaspiler en -framework dat de measte multimediabestannen en ferskate streaming-protokollen ôfspilet."
#: index.php:4
msgid "VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!"
msgstr "VLC: Offisjele website - Fergese multimedia-oplossingen foar alle bestjoeringssystemen!"
#: index.php:26
msgid "Other projects from VideoLAN"
msgstr "Oare projekten fan VideoLAN"
#: index.php:30
msgid "For Everyone"
msgstr "Foar eltsenien"
#: index.php:40
msgid "VLC is a powerful media player playing most of the media codecs and video formats out there."
msgstr "VLC is in krêftige mediaspiler dy't de measte besteande mediakodeks en fideoformaten ôfspilet."
#: index.php:53
msgid "VideoLAN Movie Creator is a non-linear editing software for video creation."
msgstr "VideoLAN Movie Creator is net-lineêre bewurkingssoftware foar fideokreaasje."
#: index.php:62
msgid "For Professionals"
msgstr "Foar professionals"
#: index.php:72
msgid "DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2/TS demux and streaming application."
msgstr "DVBlast is in simpele en krêftige MPEG-2/TS demuks- en streaming-tapassing."
#: index.php:82
msgid "multicat is a set of tools designed to easily and efficiently manipulate multicast streams and TS."
msgstr "multicat is in sammeling ark dy't ûntwikkele binne om maklik en effisjint multicast-streams en TS te manipulearjen."
#: index.php:95
msgid "x264 is a free application for encoding video streams into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format."
msgstr "x264 is in fergese tapassing om fideostreams te kodearjen yn it H.264/MPEG-4 AVC-formaat."
#: index.php:104
msgid "For Developers"
msgstr "Foar ûntwikkelers"
#: index.php:137
msgid "View All Projects"
msgstr "Alle projekten toane"
#: index.php:141
msgid "Help us out!"
msgstr "Help ús!"
#: index.php:145
msgid "donate"
msgstr "donearje"
#: index.php:153
msgid "VideoLAN is a non-profit organization."
msgstr "VideoLAN is in non-profitorganisaasje."
#: index.php:154
msgid " All our costs are met by donations we receive from our users. If you enjoy using a VideoLAN product, please donate to support us."
msgstr "Al ús kosten wurde dekt troch donaasjes dy't wy ûntfange fan ús brûkers. As jo nocht hawwe yn it gebrûk fan in VideoLAN-produkt, kinne jo donearje om ús te stypjen."
#: index.php:157 index.php:177 index.php:195
msgid "Learn More"
msgstr "Mear ynformaasje"
#: index.php:173
msgid "VideoLAN is open-source software."
msgstr "VideoLAN is iepen-boarnesoftware."
#: index.php:174
msgid "This means that if you have the skill and the desire to improve one of our products, your contributions are welcome"
msgstr "Dit betsjut dat as jo de feardichheden hawwe en de winsk om ien fan ús produkten te ferbetterjen, jo bydragen wolkom binne."
#: index.php:184
msgid "Spread the Word"
msgstr "Fertel it fierder"
#: index.php:192
msgid "We feel that VideoLAN has the best video software available at the best price: free. If you agree please help spread the word about our software."
msgstr "Wy fine dat VideoLAN de bêste software beskikber hat foar de bêste priis: fergees. As jo dêrmei akkoard binne, fertel dan fierder oer ús software."
#: index.php:212
msgid "News &amp; Updates"
msgstr "Nijs &amp;Fernijingen"
#: index.php:215
msgid "More News"
msgstr "Mear nijs"
#: index.php:219
msgid "Development Blogs"
msgstr "Development Blogs"
#: index.php:248
msgid "Social media"
msgstr "Sosjale media"
#: vlc/index.php:3
msgid "Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework!"
msgstr "Offisjele side foar VLC media player, it iepen boarne fideo-framework!"
#: vlc/index.php:21
msgid "Get VLC for"
msgstr "Krij VLC foar"
#: vlc/index.php:29 vlc/index.php:32
msgid "Simple, fast and powerful"
msgstr "Simpel, fluch en krêftich"
#: vlc/index.php:35
msgid "Plays everything"
msgstr "Spilet alles"
#: vlc/index.php:35
msgid "Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Streams."
msgstr "Bestannen, disken, webcams, apparaten en streams."
#: vlc/index.php:38
msgid "Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed"
msgstr "Spilet measte kodeks sûnder ekstra kodeks nedich"
#: vlc/index.php:41
msgid "Runs on all platforms"
msgstr "Rint op alle platfoarms"
#: vlc/index.php:44
msgid "Completely Free"
msgstr "Folslein fergees"
#: vlc/index.php:44
msgid "no spyware, no ads and no user tracking."
msgstr "gjin spyware, gjin advertinsjes en gjin folgjen fan brûkers."
#: vlc/index.php:47
msgid "learn more"
msgstr "lês mear"
#: vlc/index.php:66
msgid "Add"
msgstr "Tafoegje"
#: vlc/index.php:66
msgid "skins"
msgstr "tema's"
#: vlc/index.php:69
msgid "Create skins with"
msgstr "Meitsje tema's mei"
#: vlc/index.php:69
msgid "VLC skin editor"
msgstr "VLC temabewurker"
#: vlc/index.php:72
msgid "Install"
msgstr "Ynstallearje"
#: vlc/index.php:72
msgid "extensions"
msgstr "útwreidingen"
#: vlc/index.php:126
msgid "View all screenshots"
msgstr "Alle skermôfdrukken toane"
#: vlc/index.php:135
msgid "Official Downloads of VLC media player"
msgstr "Offisjele downloads fan VLC media player"
#: vlc/index.php:146
msgid "Sources"
msgstr "Boarnen"
#: vlc/index.php:147
msgid "You can also directly get the"
msgstr "Krij ek daliks de"
#: vlc/index.php:148
msgid "source code"
msgstr "boarnekoade"
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