Commit a07db5a0 authored by Christophe Massiot's avatar Christophe Massiot

DVBlast release 3.4

parent 6c56c2c4
......@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@
DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2/TS demux and streaming
<a id="downloadButton" href="">
<a id="downloadButton" href="">
<img style="position: absolute; top: -10px; left: -10px;" src="/images/downloadDVBlast.png" alt="Download DVBlast icon" />
<div class="downloadText">Download DVBlast</div>
<span id="downloadDetails" style="font-size: 12px;">
Version 3.3 &nbsp;&#8226;&nbsp; Linux &nbsp;&#8226;&nbsp; 86 KiB
Version 3.4 &nbsp;&#8226;&nbsp; Linux &nbsp;&#8226;&nbsp; 86 KiB
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