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<p>Instructions for building a package from source are available on the <a href="">VideoLAN Wiki</a></p>
<h2> Packages on </h2>
<p>For 32-bit Slackware only. They can be found in the repository of the
<a href="">Italian Slackware Community</a>. Be sure to install the large list of dependencies which you can find in the <i>slack-required</i> file!</p>
<h2> Packages on </h2>
<p>Another source of 32-bit Slackware packages is at
<a href=""></a>. A full list of additional (dependency) packages which you are required to install is available on the package page.</p>
<h2>Packages on SlackPack</h2>
<p>You can also find 32-bit Slackware packages on
<p>You can also find Slackware packages on
<a href="">SlackPack</a>.
The package is a dynamic build and all of the dependencies are
available from the same site.</p>
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