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add trailing slash

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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ require($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/include/header.php");
join the <a href="/support/">IRC channel</a> to get help on how to start coding.</li>
<li ><strong>Writers</strong>, to help improve the documentation.</li>
<li ><strong>Translators</strong>, to <a href="/developers/i18n/">translate</a>
<a href="/vlc">VLC</a> or other projects.</li>
<a href="/vlc/">VLC</a> or other projects.</li>
<li ><strong>Moderators &amp; Support</strong>, to answer on the <a href="">forums</a> and mailing lists.</li>
<li ><strong>Designers</strong>, for this website and VLC.</li>
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