Commit 719f0dbc authored by Dian Li's avatar Dian Li

Correct display name for `zh_CN` (de facto alias of `zh-Hans`)

parent 9912aa04
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Burmese|my.po|Sithu Aung|sithu.aung015 at gmail dot com
Catalan|ca.po|Xènia Albà Cantero|xenia_alba at hotmail dot com
Catalan (Valencia)|ca@valencia.po|Pau Iranzo|paugnu at gmail dot com
Chiga|cgg.po|Florence Tushabe|tushabe at cit dot mak dot ac dot ug
Chinese (China)|zh_CN.po|Dian Li|xslidian at gmail dot com
Chinese (simplified)|zh_CN.po|Dian Li|xslidian at gmail dot com
Chinese (Taiwan)|zh_TW.po|Frank Chao|frank0624 at gmail dot com
Corsican|co.po|Patriccollu|Patrick.Santa-Maria at laposte dot net
Croatian|hr.po|Dominko Aždajić|domazd at mail dot ru
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