Commit 6b56ab7f authored by Benjamin Pracht's avatar Benjamin Pracht

Add a list of contributors who made big donations (macBidouille and A vos Mac at the moment)

parent 1dbed0ed
......@@ -168,4 +168,19 @@ licence. There is absolutely no requirement to donate money (this is not
shareware software). But if you want to help us move faster, we welcome
donations. </p>
<p>We would like to thank all the people who supported the VideoLAN project
through their remaks, bug reports or donations. We're particulerly gratefull
to the following people whose contributions made some important projects
possible. The <a href="/partners.html">partners</a> page also lists some
compagnies and institutions who helped VideoLAN.</p>
<li>The french website <strong>MacBidouille</strong> gave 500
euros to help us buy a PowerMac G5</li>
<li>The french magazine<strong>à vos MAC</strong> gave 500 euros to
help us buy a PowerMac G5</li>
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