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End of the documentation of the standard sout module.

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......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ having muxed it.
<para>The available choices are:</para>
<para>This option allows to set the medium used to save or send the stream. This is a compulsory option. Available options are:</para>
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ output module for a more compliant and complete RTP streamer.</para>
<para> This option allows you to set the encapsulation method used for the resulting stream. This option has to be set.</para>
<para>Avaivailable options are: </para>
......@@ -256,7 +256,7 @@ muxer.</para></listitem>
<para>This option allows to give informations about the location
where the stream should actually be saved or sent.</para>
......@@ -286,44 +286,54 @@ syntax.</para></listitem>
if you use the
<emphasis>file</emphasis> access, it will be the location where to
store the stream; if you use another access, it will be the unicast or
multicast IP address where you want to stream.
if you use the <emphasis>udp</emphasis> or
<emphasis>rtp</emphasis> accesses, use this option to announce your
stream, using SAP/SDP.
<para>Use this option if you want VLC to send SAP (Session Annoncement
Protocol) announces. SAP is a service discovery protocol, that uses
a special multicast address to send a list of available streams on a
This option contains the name under which you want to announce the
<note><para>This option can only be enabled with the <emphasis>udp</emphasis>
output mthod.</para></note>
like sap, but use the SLP protocol. You need
to have libslp on your system.
if you use the <emphasis>sap</emphasis> option,
use this option to specify if you want to send the SAP announces in
IPv4 or IPv6. The value of this option is <emphasis>4</emphasis> or
<para>This option allows to specify the name of an optional <emphasis>group</emphasis> of streams. A VLC used as a client will use this field to classify the stream.</para>
If you are streaming in multicast, you may want to
use the global option <command>--ttl 12</command> to set the TTL to a
value superior to 1.
<note><para>This option uses a private extension of the SAP protocol.
VLC will be the only client able to read this field</para>
<para>This option can only be used it the <emphasis>sap</emphasis>
option has been enabled.</para></note>
<para>Use this option if you want the SAP announces to be sent using the
<emphasis>IPv6</emphasis> protocol instead of <emphasis>IPv4</emphasis></para>.
<note><para>This option can only be used it the <emphasis>sap</emphasis>
option has been enabled.</para></note>
<para>SLP stands for <emphasis>Service Location Protocol</emphasis>. It is an alternative to SAP for session announcement. Use this option if you want to send such announces.</para>
<para>Use this option to specify the name of the stream that will be sent in SAP and SLP announces.</para>
<note><para>This option can only be used it the <emphasis>sap</emphasis>
or <emphasis>slp</emphasis> option has been enabled.</para></note>
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