Commit 4e09e303 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Add a privacy file for WinRT

parent 28247cc3
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ PHP_IGNORES = download-skins2 download-skins2-go skins skins_upload skins_old
SUBDIR = contest releases stats
PHP_FILES := index features libvlc screenshots skineditor skineditor_update \
skins skins_upload streaming \
skins skins_upload streaming privacy \
download-altlinux download-android download-archlinux download-beos download-crux download-debian download-eyetv download-familiar download-fedora download-freebsd download-gentoo download-ios download-linupy download-macosx download-maemo download-mandriva download-redhat download-skins2-go download-skins download-slackware download-sources download-suse download-syllable download-ubuntu download-wince download-windows \ \ \
$title = 'Legal Privacy';
$body_color = "green";
<h2>VLC for WinRT</h2>
This privacy policy cover the use of the 'VLC for WinRT' application. It may not be applicable
to other software produced or released by VideoLAN.
VideoLAN does not collect any statistics, personal information, or analytics from our users,
other than built in mechanisms that are present for all applications in the 'Windows Store'.
The 'VLC for WinRT' application does allow for videos to be played via various network
transports. Cookies and authentication credentials are not stored at any point.
<?php footer();?>
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