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<h2>Red Hat packages for i386</h2>
<h2>Red Hat/Fedora packages for i386</h2>
<p> Latest RPM x86 packages tarballs for Red Hat 9.0 / Fedora Core (0.7.0): </p>
<p> Latest RPM x86 packages tarballs for Red Hat 9.0 / Fedora Core Beta2: </p>
<? pkgitem("vlc/0.7.0/rpm/rh9-fc1","vlc-binary.tar.gz","(VLC Binaries packages)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.7.0/rpm/rh9-fc1","redhat9-updates.tar.gz","(Updates required to run VLC on Red Hat 9)"); ?></ul>
<? pkgitem("vlc/0.7.1/rpm/rh9-fc2","vlc-binary.tar.gz","(VLC Binaries packages)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.7.1/rpm/rh9-fc2","redhat9-updates.tar.gz","(Updates required to run VLC on Red Hat 9)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.7.1/rpm/rh9-fc2","fedora1-updates.tar.gz","(Updates required to run VLC on Fedora Core)"); ?></ul>
<p>Optional components:</p>
pkgitem("vlc/0.7.0/rpm/rh9-fc1","vlc-devel.tar.gz","(VLC Development headers)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.7.0/rpm/rh9-fc1","vlc-source.tar.gz","(VLC Source Code)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.7.1/rpm/rh9-fc2","vlc-devel.tar.gz","(VLC Development headers)");
pkgitem("vlc/0.7.1/rpm/rh9-fc2","vlc-source.tar.gz","(VLC Source Code)");
<p>You can also browse the packages directory <a
vlc/0.7.0/rpm/rh9-fc1/vlc/</a> of our FTP site.</p>
vlc/0.7.1/rpm/rh9-fc2/vlc/</a> of our FTP site.</p>
<h2>Older versions</h2>
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